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Storm Forecasting is nothing if not local. A method developed for the tricky tropical-storm plagued climate of South Florida is going to perform poorly in forecasting weather in the desert southwest.

The StormCaster team recognizes this and asks for your help. The next step is creating the StormCaster Network. Once in place, researchers from around the world will be able to add their own storm forecasting algorithms to the StormCaster. Participating scientists and researchers will upload a package of code, documentation and, most importantly, a map outlining where their algorithms works best.

Based on the location they choose to forecast, StormCaster will present users with a choice of methods when making a forecast. From the documentation, they’ll be able to judge which method is best suited for their purposes.

This open approach to climate science is an optimal– way to educate the public and empower them to understand climate change and manage and plan for its impacts.


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A new tool for understanding climate change in your community.

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To produce a storm forecast that includes climate change impacts, StormCaster uses two sources of data.

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